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Bulkheads - Retaining Walls

C & H Marine Provides the Quality to Match Your Expectations.

Trusted by municipalities, prestigious golfing locales, and local customers alike, we can design a reliable, effective, and stunning bulkhead to meet any need. 

Bulkhead Construction

All Bulkhead or Retaining Wall Construction is Custom Designed from Your Specifications or Ours.

We primarily use vinyl and wood building materials in the construction of bulkheads and retaining walls. Our expertise results in exceptional wall designs that stabilize the earth and supports grade changes.

We design and build our bulkheads and retaining walls to facilitate draining and the proper compaction to ensure a long life.


As always, we specify the proper material treatment so that our bulkheads and retaining walls are constructed to the highest standards.

Picture taken from a floating dock looking back at the bulkhead built into the shore
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